Benchtop MRI Training System
For physics,medical imaging,radiology education

Provide Complete NMR/MRI Education Solutions

We provide three kinds of MRI system for education,Portable MRI,Benchtop MRI,Small Animal MRI device.

Petroleum NMR/MRI Products

Rock core analysis,Application as movable fluid saturation determination,Pore size distribution of rock,mechanism of oil displacement,Cracks and micro-cracks evaluation,Mechanism of fracturing process.

Rock Core Measurement

T1, T2 distributions
T2 cutoff
Permeability (calculated)
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Rock Core MRI

Extended magnetic resonance imaging
Cracks and micro-cracks evaluation
Mechanism of fracturing process
Enhanced oil recovery mechanism
Real time displacement monitoring
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Rock Core Displacement

Combining the high temperature-high pressure probe, the visual process of displacement is analyzed, and the change of oil saturation is obtained by MRI.
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Provide Professional Low-field NMR/MRI Solutions

NIUMAG Corporation is an international high-tech corporation focusing on development and application spread of low-field NMR.